Digital innovation for a green planet

Today we are facing the undeniably biggest threat to our planet Earth: climate change. We believe it’s our responsibility to transition to a green economy with the help of climate tech. To make this transition happen, we created Noldev.

about us

Impact-driven people

We are software engineers with experience in cloud technologies, IoT applications and building scalable software solutions for innovative ideas. Our mission is to make an impact by providing our expertise to ambitious entrepreneurs. We focus on climate tech solutions.

We are certain we caused it

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was very clear during its presentation of its 2021 report. There is no doubt that human activity since the Industrial Revolution has accelerated climate change and warmed the atmosphere, oceans and lands.

We are certain too. But we’re also certain we can also do something about it. How?

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Custom software development


Transition to cloud technologies


Technical expertise on-demand


Automation via API integrations

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